First Aid Certificates in Red Deer

First aid certification courses in Red Deer
First aid certification courses in Red Deer

With first aid training, you can learn how to save a life and manage different injuries, Red Deer First Aid is dedicated to offering prospective trainees high quality training in high end training centers.  Students are offered the biggest selection of classes and schedules compared to other training service providers. Certification provided to participants that successfully complete the programs will receive Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) awards that are applicable for 3 years. Advanced first aid and CPR programs are also available including EMT and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) courses. More details are available here  on the Red Deer First Aid website. To register for a food safety, safety, first aid and / or CPR course use the contact information provided below.

What Courses Are Available with Red Deer First Aid?

One of the components that makes this provider so popular is the number of courses that they offer. Here’s a short list of available courses:

  • OH&S approved standard first aid, CPR and AED
  • OH&S approved childcare first aid, CPR and AED
  • OH&S approved emergency first aid, CPR and AED
  • ILCOR consensus approved CPR and AED
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Life Support (ACLS)
  • Alberta approved food safety certification
  • Babysitting Training
  • Pet First Aid
  • OH&S approved first aid and CPR re-certifications

To register for any of the above mentioned courses use the contact information provided below.

How Do I Register for a Course?

Multiple registration methods are available for customers. Use the following details to register for a course:

  • Website Address:
  • Telephone: 1-888-870-7002
  • Email:

Staff are available to answer emails and calls from 7 am to 6 pm 7 days per week. On-line registration is available 24 hours a day.

What Kind of Certification Will I Receive in Hamilton First Aid?

Participants that successfully complete any program will receive a minimum 3 year certification award. Participants that complete standard, emergency or childcare first aid will receive Alberta OH&S approved certification that is valid throughout Canada.

Are Re-Certifications Available in Red Deer?

Yes, several awards may be re-certified as long as the following prerequisites are met:

  • Previous award must be provided through a credible provider such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Red Cross, St. Johns Ambulance or St Mark James Training.
  • Previous award must be current. Expired awards are not eligible for re-certification.

To register for a re-cert course use the contact information provided above.

What Will I Learn in a First aid certification in Red Deer?

Participants enrolled in a Alberta OH&S approved first aid and CPR course will learn about the following topics:

  • ILCOR consensus approved cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Effective use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Management of circulatory and breathing emergencies
  • Management of unconscious victims
  • Management of sudden and environmental emergencies
  • Management of muscular and skeletal injuries
  • Legal implications of providing first aid and / or CPR
  • When and how to contact EMS and use bystanders

Training is provided using the latest equipment and teaching aids.

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