Avoiding Muscle Pain

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Keep Your Back Supported

  • Avoid back pain by modifying your chair so that your lower back is correctly sustained.
  • A properly adjusted chair will decrease the pressure on your back.
  • Get one that you can adjust easily so that you can alter the position, back height and tilt. Make sure that your knees are in line with your hips. You might need a foot stool for this.

Modify Your Chair

Avoid back pain by modifying your chair so that your lower back is correctly sustained.
Avoid back pain by modifying your chair so that your lower back is correctly sustained.
  • Adjust the height of your chair so that you can use the keyboard with your forearms and wrists equal with the floor.
  • This can help avoid repetitive pressure on the wrists.

Feet Rested

  • Ensure that your feet are flat on the ground. If they’re not, get a footrest, which lets you relax your feet flat in a position that is comfy.
  • Try not to cross your legs while sitting, as this can cause issues with you posture.

Computer Screen At Eye Level

  • Make sure your screen is positioned right in front of you. A good measurement is to position the monitor about one arm length away, with the screen at eye level.
  • To attain this you might want to get a stand for the monitor. You’ll have to twist your neck, if the screen is too high or too low which will cause neck and spine problems.

Computer Keyboard Position

  • Put your keyboard directly in front of you while typing.
  • Some individuals like to make use of a wrist rest to help keep their wrists at the same level as the keyboard.

Position Your Mouse Close To You

  • Place the mouse near to you while using it.
  • A mouse mat can help to maintain your wrist by keeping it straight and to avoid bending it.

Make Objects Reachable

  • Place commonly used objects, such as your phone or stationery, within an easy range. Avoid continually extending or twisting to reach items.

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